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What to Know About the Flow of Traffic vs. Speed Limit

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At a glance, speed limits seem straightforward: just drive under the required number. A commonly held belief that complicates this issue is the idea that this can be ignored if you are going with the “flow of traffic.” Can this line of reasoning really be a simple speeding ticket fix?

How Strict Are Speed Laws?

Normally, you should be fine as long as you stick to the posted acceptable speed. However, this may change if driving conditions become more dangerous. It’s possible that a police officer can pull you over if he or she decides your speed is unsafe for the circumstances, even if it’s below the known limit.

Is Traffic Flow More Important?

Many drivers are under the mistaken impression that it’s acceptable to travel above the speed limit if you’re keeping up with the “flow of traffic.” Here are the facts:

Don’t waste time debating about a rule that doesn’t exist. This may make your situation worse if you get pulled over.

How Should a Ticket Be Handled?

If you do get ticketed and go to court, the “flow of traffic” argument won’t win you any points with the judge either. When fighting a ticket, your best chance of success is to hire an all traffic offense attorney to represent you. These professionals have the experience and skills to plead your case and potentially save you from a pricey fee.

The reckless driving ticket fixers at the Ticket Clinic can help you whether you’ve been speeding, your license has been suspended, or you need a DUI traffic ticket fix. If you need a Los Angeles ticket attorney, contact us to get started.