How To Check for Warrants

June 4, 2018

If you don’t pay your ticket or fail to appear in court, you risk facing a warrant for your arrest. However, mistakes happen. You could have missed your court appearance without realizing or have an outstanding red light camera ticket from months or years ago. If you suspect you have warrants in your name, don’t wait until the law catches up to you. Find out how to check for warrants and clear your name before it’s used against you in court.

Scouring the Database

Though warrants are public record, they are difficult to look up without special authorization. Typically, if you look up your own name in public databases, you either need additional clearance or pay a fee to access the information. However, the best accident ticket lawyers have access to these databases and can give you a definitive answer to the status of your bench warrants. Your attorney can find specifics regarding your criminal history, including:

  • Description of charges
  • Date of filing
  • Date of offenses
  • Conviction and sentencing
  • Probation status
  • Outstanding fines

Contact an Attorney

If you’re unsure about the status of your warrants or outstanding fines from a traffic violation or accident, you should always hire a traffic accident ticket lawyer to represent you. Never risk arrest or jailtime over an unpaid ticket or traffic violation. Your traffic attorney or speeding ticket lawyer has access to the same databases law enforcement does and can work on your defense before it’s too late. Your lawyer can also help you clear your name, make bail or pay outstanding fines.

Bench warrants are serious and can result in significant legal ramifications, including jailtime. If you have outstanding warrants, a suspended license or unpaid tickets, get the legal advice you need. Contact the attorneys at The Ticket Clinic today for professional legal help at 1-800-CITATION.