How To Avoid Tickets While Driving for Uber or Lyft

July 17, 2018

Your buddy is making tons of money in his spare time on Uber or Lyft, so you decide to cash in on it too. A background check, some information filled out, and you’re accepting your very first ride. You cut it too close on a yellow light and hear those dreaded sirens behind you. Now, not only do you now owe the State of California a few hundred dollars, you can look in the rearview mirror to watch your client drop your rating. Avoid costly tickets by following these simple tips.

Obey the Law

Obvious and simple, but you can avoid most tickets by driving legally. Exceeding the speed limit, failing to stop when required, and illegal U-turns are among the most common moving violations. Even if all you did was avoid these three problems, you’d cut down on your probability of getting a ticket immensely. Also keep in mind that you’re often on the hook for your passenger’s violations. Make sure they have the belt fastened, for instance, before you pull away from the curb.

Get a Cell Phone Mount

This is one of the most common Uber driving tips you will hear. Smart phones are the lifelines of Lyft and Uber drivers. Between the rideshare app, navigation app, and anything else you need, it’s every bit as vital as your car. Constantly looking down and fumbling for your phone makes for unsafe driving. It can also get you pulled over. Get a mount so you can keep your eyes up and your hands free.

Use Waze

If you haven’t already heard of it, Waze is a navigation app created by an Israeli company. It crowdsources directions and driving information so that you get the downlow from locals. One reason that it’s big in the rideshare community is it allows you to tag red light cameras, law enforcement locations, and speed traps. This lets you know when you need to be on your best behavior.

Learn the Streets

While Waze and other navigation apps are useful, you shouldn’t be overly reliant on them. Even the best driving apps aren’t perfect and expose you to making errors. This should honestly be on the Uber requirements Los Angeles drivers need to fulfill. If you don’t get to know your driving area, you can make dumb mistakes such as turning the wrong way on a one-way street or not noticing a speed limit change.

Stop Driving When You’re Tired

When you’re fatigued, your reflexes and judgement are reduced. Like driving while intoxicated, your chances of getting a ticket or having an accident go up when you’re tired. You’ll lose a lot more money from these two things than from calling it a day early. For new drivers, remember that it typically takes a few weeks to get used to the rideshare industry. Don’t be afraid to take breaks or reduce the amount of time you work if you want to avoid getting a lawyer for driving offenses.

Don’t Always Listen to Your Passenger

There are certain things you should listen to your passenger about, but moving violations aren’t one of them. Don’t let yourself get talked into an unsafe speed or chancing a yellow light changing to red. Jokingly asking if they’re willing to pay your tickets usually ends the discussion quickly.

Be Prepared for the Worst

No rideshare driver wants to end up with Uber tickets. If violation fees weren’t bad enough, watching your insurance skyrocket will be. Drivers who do get tickets should contact The Ticket Clinic for help fighting them legally. This real law firm has almost 30 years of experience and a success rate of around 80 percent. Call or email them today for a free consultation to find out how their affordable legal defense can benefit you.