How Driving Records Influence Hiring Decisions

July 17, 2018

From the time you get your driver license, a lot of new problems and obstacles arise in your path. Many people get tickets for speeding, driving without their license, failing to register their vehicle, and a number of other reasons. The more blemishes you have on your driver license record, the more your mistakes on the road affect other aspects of your everyday life. One impact your driving record can have in particular can create a large negative impact on you and that is not being hired because of your record.

What can Impact my Current Employment or Chances of Future Employment?

There are plenty of types of discipline you can receive from law enforcement on the road, but here are some specific infractions that are most likely to impact your attractiveness to employers.

  • Unpaid tickets
  • DUIs
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving without insurance
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Any felony involving a motor vehicle
  • A traffic accident resulting in a fatality

If any of these violations are connected to you in a DMV report, your current and future status of employment could be at risk. The chances of losing your job or reducing job opportunities increase with any offense or combination of offenses that results in license suspension or criminal conviction.

It’s the Little Things

Something like a traffic ticket seems insignificant to most people. While one speeding ticket that is appropriately taken care of will likely go largely unnoticed, tickets can pile up. If too many tickets go unpaid on your driver license record, your license could be suspended. This is also true of driving without insurance. Most states will merely give you a ticket if you drive without proof of insurance but are insured. However, driving without being insured will likely result in automatic suspension of your license.

Having your license suspended for unpaid tickets is a big problem you can easily avoid. It is a hassle in and of itself, but if you use a vehicle for work, you may very well be out of a job. While suspension is usually temporary, it stays on your driving record, so it may also prevent you from seeking any further employment where you need to operate a vehicle. Even once your driving privileges are reinstated, many employers will not hire a driver with a suspension on record. For some business owners, even the increase in insurance rates after a ticket would be worth hiring someone else.

Criminal Charges

Most drivers will receive a ticket or two in their tenure on the road, but some will face more serious charges. For example, a conviction for driving under the influence will automatically result in license suspension, but a felony DUI will be even worse for your employment opportunities. When potential employers require a background check, there is a chance they will consider a DUI conviction a disqualification for employment. If you are convicted of a felony DUI or any other type of felony, many business will close their doors to you during the hiring process. It will definitely end any hope of employment as a law enforcement officer and almost certainly ruin any chance of becoming a pilot. A felony may also bar you from receiving a license to be a doctor, nurse, lawyer, and more.

Driving in accordance with the law is always the best course of action, but if you find yourself in a tight spot because of your driving record, the Ticket Clinic can help. Our experienced attorneys will help you know how to get driving record cleared so you can reenter the job force without your traffic mistakes holding you back. Contact us today for a free consultation.