Getting Pulled Over in a Rental Car in California

June 4, 2018

Whether you’re in town on business and need to get around or you simply wanted to try out the latest luxury car without committing to a hefty monthly payment, driving a rental car is convenient and even fun. What may not be as fun is being pulled over in one. Whether getting an illegal U-turn ticket or a simple speeding ticket, it helps to know what to expect next.

How It Affects Your License

When you receive a moving violation, such as speeding, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a rental car or your personal vehicle. The offense is on you, the driver, so expect to see a negative mark on your license regardless of whether you own the vehicle. If you receive the ticket in a rental car, handle it the same way you would any other traffic ticket. You can pay it, or you can hire someone to try to perform a speeding ticket fix.

Unpaid Traffic Tickets in a Rental

If you do get a rental car ticket and fail to pay for it, the state may contact the rental company. The rental car company will usually pay the ticket and then send you the bill, including a large administrative fee. If you want to save cash, your best bet is to pay the ticket or contact a traffic ticket lawyer immediately.

Handling a Letter From the Rental Company

Sometimes, you’ll receive a letter from the rental company if you got a ticket while driving one of its cars. If you paid for the ticket when you got it, simply provide the company with a receipt as proof of payment. If you didn’t pay it, you are liable for the cost and any fees and won’t have any recourse in a court of law.

Remember, if you decide to fight a traffic ticket in court, you must alert the rental company of your intentions. This prevents them from sending you a bill too soon. However, if you lose, you’ll still be liable for all costs. Learn more about finding the best accident ticket lawyer or traffic ticket lawyer by contacting The Ticket Clinic.