5 Ways To Postpone Your Court Appearance

June 25, 2019

When dealing with a court appearance due to a traffic ticket, you may need more time to find a lawyer and get everything in order than is initially given to you. So, how can you reschedule court date traffic ticket when dealing with traffic courts near me? There are a few different approaches you can take to postpone your court appearance, also known as getting a continuance of the date.

  1. Visit the Clerk’s Office 

Taking the time to go to the clerk’s office in person can be one of the best ways to obtain a continuance. After filling out the proper forms and taking the necessary actions to postpone, it is a good idea to check in again before the original court date, either in person or over the phone, to confirm the postponement. 

  1. Make a Phone Call

If you can’t physically go to the clerk’s office, a phone call may be the next best thing. Depending on the procedures in your state, you may still need to go in person to fill out paperwork. 

  1. Write a Request 

An alternative to making a phone call is to compose a written request for postponement. It is vital that you do this with plenty of time to spare, as written requests typically take longer to process.

  1. Ask for Continuance of the Date Online

Some states may have court websites set up that allow you to reschedule traffic court date. However, this is not traditional and may not be an option in your area.

  1. Request Postponement in Court

If other options don’t work, you may request a postponement on the day of your court appearance. This requires that you show up to your date and ask the judge in person for a continuance.

Finding an Experienced Lawyer

The best advice on how to postpone traffic court dateshould come from an experienced attorney. Get in touch with a traffic offense ticket lawyer to help you get the best results possible in court.