5 Ways to Get a Red Light Ticket Dismissed

March 21, 2018

Almost every driver runs a red light every now and then. Unfortunately, getting a red light camera ticket can be quite costly for you. You obviously don’t want to pay your traffic ticket–no one does. But did you know there are practical and easy ways to get one dismissed? Here are some tips for getting your ticket thrown out with the help of a red light ticket attorney.

  1. Know Your Driving Record

You’ll want to double-check whether you have any traffic violations from the last three years. If you don’t have a clean driving record, you won’t be able to fight your red light ticket. In this situation, you can only hope the police officer doesn’t come to the court date. You can check your record by contacting the DMV.

  1. If Your Record Isn’t Clean, Pay the Fine

If you aren’t in the clear, your all-traffic offense attorney will advise you to pay the ticket and show up to court. You may end up interacting with a lenient judge who will eliminate the points if you pay your ticket without any hesitation or argument.

  1. Got a Clean Record? Show Up to Court

Having a squeaky clean driving record goes a long way to getting your red light violation dropped. You may be able to speak to the prosecuting attorney to get your ticket deferred or dismissed.

  1. Request a Deferral or Dismissal

You may be able to secure a deferral, which will clear the red light ticket if you don’t make any more violations within six months. A careless driving ticket attorney may be able to get your ticket dropped altogether.

  1. Request a Trial

If you aren’t able to negotiate during your court date, you may want to proceed with a trial. An attorney from the Ticket Clinic can attend the trial date for you and vehemently defend your interests.

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