5 Ways a DUI Impacts Your Car Insurance

March 21, 2018

It is common knowledge that being convicted of a DUI or pleading guilty to one will affect your auto insurance rates. One thing you should know before deciding whether to call an all traffic offense attorney is that there are a number of surprising ways you can continue to feel affected long after other consequences of the ticket fade. That’s why it’s important to have an attorney with experience defending DUI citations and other traffic tickets.

Top Ways Your Car Insurance Is Affected

  1. Rates go up as your risk class changes due to the fact that the conviction provides evidence of a risk the actuaries must take into account.
  2. Points added to your license automatically increase your rates too. When this occurs, the increase stays on the premium as long as you have points.
  3. Any accident related to alcohol will have exacerbated effects on your insurance rates because accidents tend to cause your rates to be reappraised.
  4. The cost of adding you as a driver to other people’s insurance skyrockets as well, which can raise rates throughout some families.
  5. If you lose your license, that can cause your rates to be higher when you start driving again, apart from all the other considerations that raise your rates.

What to do if You Are Pulled Over

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