5 Reasons to Not Ignore a Red Light Traffic Ticket

March 21, 2018

Many drivers view a red light camera ticket as an optional fee to pay. The courts in your county may not pursue these tickets in earnest, but you always want to deal with any traffic violation promptly. An all traffic offense attorney can help you fight these tickets to keep your record clean.

  1. Arrest

At a later date, a police officer may pull you over for a different traffic infraction, such as speeding. If the officer sees you failed to pay an earlier ticket, then you may be placed under arrest.

  1. Increase in Fines

The fine for a red light camera ticket could exceed $500. If you acquire more tickets on your recrd, then you may have to pay even higher fines.

  1. Suspended License

If the court determines law enforcement made reasonable efforts to contact you regarding the ticket and you failed to respond at all, then your license may be suspended. In addition to fighting the red light ticket, you will also need to hire the services of an unpaid suspended license ticket lawyer to reinstate your driver’s license.

  1. Drop in Credit Score

Credit bureaus take numerous factors into determining your overall credit rating. If you have any debt on your record, including unpaid traffic tickets, then your score can take a hit. This negatively impacts the types of loans you can get when you go to buy a car or house.

  1. Persistent Debt Collectors

To collect the debt, the red light camera agency may sell your case to an outside collection agency. Collectors who work for these companies often employ aggressive, annoying methods to get you to pay.

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