5 Driving Laws You May Be Unintentionally Breaking

August 31, 2018

There are numerous California driving rules to abide by. There are so many that numerous drivers unintentionally break the law all the time. You may unexpectedly need a traffic ticket lawyer if you continue doing the following.

  1. Speeding

Many drivers do not see the harm in going a few miles over the speed limit, especially when they are on the highway. However, even if you only go five miles above the designated speed limit, you can still be hit with a ticket worth hundreds of dollars.

  1. Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Seatbelts save thousands of lives every year. The police can issue a ticket if they catch you driving without one. You particularly need to make sure children under the age of eight are restrained in the proper booster seat.

  1. Running a Red Light

Most drivers will unintentionally run a red light because they thought they could make it through while it was still yellow, but it changed to red before then. When this happens, you may ask yourself, “Do red light camera tickets go on your record?” You will not get points on your record, but you will have to pay a hefty fine.

  1. Not Driving for Conditions

Many people drive in the same manner whether it is sunny or raining. When it rains, you need to adjust accordingly. You need to drive slower and have your headlights on even if it is the middle of the afternoon.

  1. Driving With an Expired License

You need to update your driver’s license regularly to continue to drive legally. The same rule applies for your insurance. A temporary lapse could result in substantial fines.

Advanced and beginner drivers California make these mistakes all the time. Whether you need a speeding or texting and driving attorney after making an infraction, you should contact the lawyer right away to protect your license.