5 Disadvantages Of Getting Points On Your Record

August 31, 2018

Most California drivers will receive at least one traffic citation during their life. Every moving violation results in points being placed on your driving record, which could eventually lead to your license being suspended. Here are five disadvantages to having points assigned to your license.

  1. Car Insurance Rates Often Rise

Every time you renew your auto insurance, your driving record is reviewed. Premiums vary among insurance companies, but citations nearly always cause your premium to rise. While a texting while driving ticket may not raise your rate much, several citations in a short amount of time can cause your premium to skyrocket. Too many violations could even result in your insurance company refusing to cover you.

  1. Points Stay On Your Record for at Least Three Years

How long do points stay on your license? In California, minor violations such as speeding offenses place one point on your record each time. They stay on your record for 36 months. Major offenses such as DUI violations place two points on your record and stay on it for 10 years.

  1. If You Have Too Many Points On Your Record, Your License Will Be Suspended

In the state of California, you will have your license suspended if you receive four points on our record within a year. You will also have our license suspended if you receive six points in less than 12 months or eight points in less than 36 point. If you are a frequent speeder, you may need a California speeding ticket lawyer.

  1. Your Driving Record Could Prevent you from Getting Certain Jobs

For jobs where driving is required, having points on your license could lead to your termination. It could also prevent you from qualifying for other jobs.

  1. It Is Difficult To Remove Many Points

While you can often take defensive driving classes to remove points from your driving record, you can only do so once ever 18 months. If you have received multiple points, it is nearly impossible to remove them all.

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