10 Traffic Violations You Didn’t Realize Were Illegal

June 4, 2019

Everyone knows that speeding and reckless driving are illegal. However, there are many traffic laws that most people don’t know about. Find some of the most surprising below so you can avoid needing traffic ticket lawyers due to your improperly decorated car or another such offense.

  1. No Clothes

If you’ve ever been to the beach, you’ve likely asked: is it illegal to drive without a shirt? While it is not prohibited by road laws, public roads are covered by lewdness laws which prohibit exposing yourself.

  1. Tinted Windows

While window tint is legal, there is a maximum level allowed. Factory tint must allow 70 percent visible light transmission and aftermarket tint must allow 88 percent. Any greater and you’ll get a tinted windows ticket.

  1. Loud Exhaust

Your aftermarket or damaged exhaust may be breaking the law. It may sound cool to be loud, but most loud exhaust systems are against the law.

  1. Mirror Ornaments

Those dice hanging from your mirror are likely against the law. Anything that obstructs your vision is prohibited.

  1. Wearing Headphones

If you’ve ever hopped in your car while listening to music, you may have broken the law. You can use one earbud but not both while driving.

  1. Colored Headlights

Aftermarket headlights are illegal if colored. Anything excessively bright or any color other than yellow or white is prohibited.

  1. Holding a Phone

You likely know that using a phone is illegal. However, you may not know that even holding one can be against the law.

  1. Reversing On A Road

Have you ever wondered: is it illegal to drive in reverse? On public roads, it is illegal to reverse in an unsafe manner.

  1. Loud Music

Cranking up your stereo is a lot of fun. Getting a ticket because your music is too loud is less fun.

  1. Siren-Like Alarm

Does your car alarm sound like an emergency siren? Unfortunately, that is illegal in many places.

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If you are faced with a ticket for any of the above or any other violations, contact your fix it ticket lawyer. We’ll help you fight unfair tickets.