Traffic Court Sonoma

Traffic Courthouse in Sonoma

The excitement of sightseeing in Sonoma is known to flow throughout the vineyards and onto the streets. It’s not surprising to see motorists being pulled over after getting revved up from the breathtaking views and wine fields. Many visiting drivers may be unaware of the many speed traps that are strategically placed in a city with some of the world’s best wineries. If you’ve received a citation in Sonoma, it can be contested with a speeding ticket lawyer from The Ticket Clinic.

We’re your best option to beat the fine and prevent points from being tagged onto your driving record. You’ll want a knowledgeable and assertive traffic-law attorney to fight for you in traffic court. We’ve got some of the best.

How You Should Fight a Sonoma Traffic Ticket

Speeding, running red lights and getting involved in a fender bender are matters that are disputed regularly in Sonoma’s courthouse in Santa Rosa. You need to be ready to show up at the Hall of Justice on Administration Drive to plead your innocence. If you’re unsure of how to best assert your defense against a traffic system programmed to catch speeders and with cameras snapping pictures at major intersections, The Ticket Clinic is here to help.

There are many advantages of having a skilled speeding and accident ticket lawyer representing you, such as:

  • The ability to dispute the accuracy of cameras taking pictures at traffic lights
  • An opportunity to effectively question the officer who issued the ticket
  • Bringing in witnesses to dispute incriminating camera pictures
  • Avoiding additional points on your driving record
  • Preventing insurance rate hikes
  • Reductions in fines or no fine at all

Contact Us Now to Beat Your Ticket

When you need a traffic ticket lawyer in Sonoma, The Ticket Clinic is your best source. We get results and we’re affordable. In some cases, you can avoid the need to go to traffic ticket court altogether. Call us at 1-800-248-2846 or contact us online to see how we can contest your traffic charge.