Fighting Traffic Tickets and Charges for You

Even safe drivers are at risk for traffic tickets and charges. For example, the equipment that police use to measure a car’s speed might be malfunctioning, and a field sobriety test could have been improperly administered. A Westminster traffic lawyer with The Ticket Clinic may be able to help. The Ticket Clinic is a genuine and effective law firm with a success rate of 80 percent nationwide. We have handled more than three million cases in almost 30 years, and we put that deep experience to work fighting hard for you.

What Areas We Cover

Can we help clients who get a Westminster accident ticket or who need a Long Beach ticket attorney? Absolutely! The Ticket Clinic serves clients in all areas of California, and we help in areas such as:

  • Conducción imprudente
  • Conducción bajo los efectos del alcohol (DUI)
  • Exceso de velocidad
  • Licencia suspendida
  • Red light
  • Fix-its
  • Car accidents

You may think that a ticket for speeding or running a red light is no big deal, but the reality is that it could indeed end up affecting your life in multiple negative ways. For instance, what happens if you get a second ticket a few months down the road? Your license might be in danger of suspension, and your insurance rates are certainly going to rise. You save money and stress upfront by defending a traffic ticket instead of waiting to see if you get more.

If you face suspension or your license has already been taken away, a suspended license lawyer can take a look at your case. We’ve helped many people get their licenses back.

Traffic Charges

A charge such as DUI or reckless driving can result in a felony or misdemeanor conviction. These are serious matters that have the potential to ripple into your employment prospects. They can also affect your prospects of renting certain places. A Westminster DUI attorney could help.

To discuss your case relating to just about any traffic offense, submit an online contact form or call us today at 1-800-CITATION (248-2846).

Qué están diciendo nuestros clientes

“Attorney Cameron Webster & Attorney Ryan McEachern have continuously been highly professional, knowledgeable and very successful in helping in a couple situations I have had. If you have a questionable situation their team can lay out options and in my case I hired their firm, since I had seen them in action and their abilities in the court room. Dismissed ticket and we were preparing with details ready to get a reduced fine and the best scenario occurred. Thank you for your help Cameron!”-Neil D., Westminster