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The Consequences of Tickets

The fine is bad enough, but a San Mateo ticketcan cause more trouble than you’d think. On top of the base fine for the offense in question—which varies by county and type of violation and increases if you’ve been convicted for another recent violation—the state levies a 20% surcharge and you may be subject to additional fees:

  • State penalty assessment
  • County penalty assessment
  • DNA penalty assessment
  • Court facility construction penalty assessment
  • EMS surcharges

Compounded, these fees could raise a $35 speeding fine to almost ten times the cost. You can expect further financial burdens from your auto insurance provider, as rates often increase after accidents or traffic violations.

Additionally, traffic violations within the state of California can result in your license being suspended or revoked. Even if this doesn’t happen immediately, convictions impose points on your driving record—just four points in one year can leave you without a license. One-point violations include speeding, running red lights and at-fault accidents, while more serious offenses like reckless driving or DUI assign two points. Commercial drivers receive more points for the same violations, as well. These points aren’t easy to remove, either, taking anywhere from three to ten years.

Even minor offenses like going a few MPH over the speed limit can add up and result in the loss of your license. If you believe you can make a case for yourself, don’t settle with taking the points—turn to San Mateo lawyersfrom the Ticket Clinic.

You Don’t Have to Go Through a Traffic Ticket Alone in San Mateo

There’s much to like about San Mateo. For example, the cuisine is tops, and the arts and culture scene is vibrant. Then there are the gorgeous water views. Of course, if you get a traffic ticket, you’re not going to like it along with what could happen afterward. For example, your car insurance might increase, and you could find yourself on the hook for further court costs. Also, get too many points on your license in a certain time period, and you could lose it.

Even if you think you did what you are ticketed for doing, it may be worth your time to fight the ticket. Police officers do not always follow technicalities and procedures correctly, and this happens more often than you may think. It is one reason The Ticket Clinic has a success rate nationwide of more than 80 percent. People deserve a fair court system and police officers who follow rules.

How the Ticket Clinic Can Help

Need a suspended license lawyer or a San Mateo red light camera attorney? The Ticket Clinic employs lawyers who work in these areas and others. We help clients who have tickets or charges in:

  • DUIs
  • Exceso de velocidad
  • Conducción imprudente
  • Red lights
  • Licencias suspendidas
  • Accidentes
  • Fix-its

Some lawyers or firms only provide the bare minimum in legal aid and give you some paperwork to fill out. The Ticket Clinic is not one of those firms. We stand by clients at every step, discussing the situation, informing you of your rights and outlining how you can get the ticket dismissed in or out of court, saving you from hefty fines, remedial driving classes and possible loss of your license.

A DUI ticket attorney can help ensure that your rights have been upheld and that police officers gave you fair tests. All it takes to throw the results of a test into question can be uneven ground, a driver’s disability, a busy roadway or much more. It’s a good idea to reach out to a San Mateo DUI ticket lawyer sooner rather than later because DUI is a serious matter that can complicate your life for many years to come.

Even something seemingly simple such as a San Mateo speeding ticket can prove problematic later if your insurance increases or if you get another ticket. Contesting a charge such as a speeding ticket is possible, though tricky; however, a practiced attorney can advise you in how to approach the case and make your appeal. The legal rights you hold—such as your right to a trial by mail—may not always be apparent, so it’s important that you get help from someone who can show you your options. From collating evidence and witness testimonies to assessing the officer’s recounting of the incident and the reliability of the equipment used, we work to guide clients through the process and equip them to stand up for their rights.

Contact The Ticket Clinic

Remember: you are considered innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt. However, faced with the daunting task of going to court, too many drivers simply give up without a fight and accept the ticket, even if they know they’re innocent. This doesn’t have to be you, though.

A San Mateo lawyer from the Ticket Clinic is a powerful ally in this situation. From red light camera tickets to accidents or DUI charges, the attorneys at our firm have the necessary expertise and resources to help you protect your rights—eight years of experience in California, and over three million cases nationwide since 1987. We go beyond just handling paperwork, and we’re more than affordable enough to make it worth it to fight a wrongful charge.

Don’t go through the stress and frustration of a traffic ticket or charge alone. Reach out to us today by calling 1-800-CITATION (248-2846) or by using our online contact form.

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“I had a rolling right ticket for a $500 fine, they won the case, no points or conviction. Great job by the team.”-Arefin N., San Mateo