Why Was My Driver’s License Suspended?

julio 17, 2018

A California driver’s license can be suspended for a variety of reasons – even for the most cautious and law-abiding driver. The California Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend a license if you refuse to purchase car insurance or for receiving too many traffic tickets. Suspensions can be for 30 days or for more than one year depending on the seriousness of the offense. A driver’s license could also be suspended by a judge for months, years or indefinitely for severe and repeated traffic offenses. These can include violations such as speeding, reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drivers who refuse to submit to a blood alcohol content test when pulled over by a police officer can be hit with a driver’s license suspension if they are later found guilty of a DUI charge. When refusing the test, a first-time offense will result in a one-year suspension. A second offense comes with a suspension of two years and a third offense will suspend a license for three years.

How Can I Reinstate or Avoid a Suspended Driver’s License?

It’s not a good idea to try and argue your position on your own. You need to be aware of all the applicable and most recent laws while also remaining capable of presenting a sound legal argument to a traffic court judge. Your best option is to recruit the services of an experienced driver’s license attorney to help you contest traffic charges, reduce a suspension period or reinstate your driving privileges.

For ticketed moving violations, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles will usually send a warning notice if you have accrued too many negative points on your license. Receiving any more points with additional traffic tickets could result in a suspended license, so you will need to be extremely mindful of the various ways you can unintentionally find yourself in violation of a traffic law.

Reinstating a Driver’s License – How It Can Become an Overwhelming Priority

There are a variety of problems that can affect you as a result of a suspended driver’s license. Getting your license reinstated can quickly become a priority in maintaining your ability to earn a living. You may need, for example, to take a bus to get to work or find a new job if your current one requires operating a vehicle. There could also be court-ordered programs or a jail sentence to complete before a license can be reinstated. Either circumstance could severely impact your earning power. With the right lawyer, you can fight a driver’s license suspension or reduce the charges. Successfully contesting the charges can result in reinstating a suspended driver’s license sooner and reduce the conviction.

What Steps Need To Be Taken To Reinstate a Suspended Driver’s License in California?

When reinstating a suspended California driver’s license, the following steps are generally required:

  • Pay all outstanding traffic ticket fines
  • Pay the Department of Motor Vehicles license-reissue fee
  • Attend all court hearings
  • Complete a court-ordered traffic course, if required
  • Complete a court-ordered DUI program, if ordered to do so
  • Purchase the minimally-required amount of vehicle insurance

Where To Find the Best Lawyers for Driver’s License Suspension Issues

At The Ticket Clinic, you’ll find lawyers who can fight suspended driver’s license worries and who are well-versed in the best defenses for any type of motor-vehicle charge. Our legal team provides clients with attorneys who are highly qualified in all areas of suspended license and traffic-violation law. Contact one of our legal-team members today for a no-obligation consultation. We will aggressively defend your legal rights and walk you through every step of the process required to reinstate your driver’s license or avoid a suspension.