The Real Cost of DUI in California

junio 4, 2018

On a scale of “good” to “bad,” no one questions which side a drunk driving ticket falls on. California has all sorts of campaigns letting people know that a DUI is not something anyone wants on their record. Still, many people aren’t fully aware of repercussions of this type of violation. Without a proper DUI ticket fix, many aspects of your life could get turned upside down.


If you get pulled over and charged with drinking and driving, you’ll feel it in your checkbook for years to come. Beyond the thousands of dollars in penalties and fines, you have to factor in a number of other potential burdens:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost job
  • Bail

Without the help of a DUI ticket attorney, you could also find yourself with a suspended license and an impounded vehicle, costing you time and money. The attorneys at The Ticket Clinic understand how financially ruinous these citations can be, and they fight to protect your livelihood.

Jail Time

48 hours is often the minimum time you’ll spend behind bars after getting a DUI in California, even if it’s your first offense. Without the help of a drive while drunk ticket cleaner, it’s possible you’ll have to do even more time. These are hours and days away from work, your family and everything else you care about. If you don’t have a qualified attorney to take up your cause and help clear your name, you could be dealing with the ramifications of your conviction for a long, long time.

Get Help From the Best

If you need to fight a traffic ticket, whether it’s a DUI or a minor infraction, The Ticket Clinic is here to help. With a knowledgeable staff, plenty of experience and an exceptional success rate, there’s no better DUI ticket attorney. To get the help you need, call 1-800-248-2846 or use this online contact form.