How Traffic Violations Affect Insurance in California

julio 11, 2019

Everyone knows that getting a ticket or being in an accident can affect your insurance premiums. However, you may not know much about the system used by insurance providers to evaluate what your premiums should be. In California, the state issues points on your license after receiving a citation in some cases.

However, it is important to note that the points given by the state may not be the same as those assessed by your insurance provider. Additionally, aspects beyond points, such as poor credit, also affect your premiums. So, does insurance go up after speeding ticket? The answer is usually yes but a speeding ticket lawyer may be able to help.

How Much Does Insurance Go Up After a Ticket

The amount that your insurance rates will increase after getting a ticket depends on the severity of the violation and whether you have previous offenses. In California, the DMV will add one point to your license for most common offenses such as speeding and two points for more severe offenses such as DUI.

While it is impossible to say exactlyhow much does 3 points affect insurance, you can be certain the increase will be significant, potentially even doubling your premiums. Therefore, avoiding points can be a key concern for drivers.

Avoiding Increased Insurance Premiums

Avoiding getting tickets on your public record will help you avoid increased insurance. You can achieve this by successfully fighting the ticket or by taking an approved driving course. The latter is usually only an option if you are a first-time offender. Additionally, it may not be an option if you choose to fight the ticket but are unsuccessful.

Fight That Ticket

Don’t just accept your tickets. The costs associated with even a minor violation can be significant over time, particularly increased premiums. Contact a speeding and reckless driving lawyer to help you understand your options.